Emh for june/is crt worth it

2 questions:
We just got back from our trip to The World, and I’m already planning the next :wink:

  1. Does anyone know when emh will be posted for June. We’ll only be going to MK for one day and we’ll probably stay off site, so I’m wanting to stay far away from EMH.
  2. Is Cinderella’s Royal Table worth the cost for both food and fun? I have a three year old (girl) and seven year old (boy).

Thanks for all your help!

EMH usually follows same pattern as previous years so you could use this years calendar as guide. Of course, evening opening hours at AK may change this, but not sure anyone knows the impact of that at the moment

If you go to the crowd tracker on the touring plans website and look up your dates you should get a pretty good idea.