EMH for December

Any ideas on when Disney will release the schedule for additional EMH past November 2? It’s getting close to my FP date (10/21) and planning is getting difficult, especially concerning Galaxy’s Edge! I want to make my TP but its hard when I think GE will open at 6am but that’s not in the TP schedule. Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks!


The unofficial news is that the EEMH - starting at 6am - have been a big loss for WDW. It is not expected to continue. They should keep their standard EMH schedule - opening a single park one hour before regular hours.

WDW doesn’t typically finalize their park hours until about 3 weeks in advance. I’d use the historical data to plan out your visit.

If you are planning dates that overlap with the 11/02/19 end of EEMH I would take advantage of those early mornings as much as possible

True for November.

But I think when Rise of the Resistance opens they may well use the EEMH at DHS again, at least for December. It may not be 3 hours though.

That ride is the main one, it’s the first to open at either park. And they will want to give onsite guests an advantage at least after the first couple of days.

We should know about 14 - 20 days, at the latest, before RotR opens if EEMH will continue. This tends to be the deadline for Ops to finalize their schedule.

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Thank you! This issues arise because my FPP date is 10/21 which doesn’t give me enough time to plan for EEMH at SWGE is that does in fact happen. Our vacation is 12/21-1/3 so I think I’ll just wing it for now. HS is the hardest for me to plan with TSL and SWGE plus the new tiers of FPP.

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We’re going in December too, and I figure the best plan is to assume the posted hours will be the reality. If we wind up with more options for morning touring, it will be a bonus. :slight_smile:

When we were there two weeks ago the Starwars area was busy but not crowded. We had reservation at Cantina for 8:30 and when we cam out the line for the ride was only 25 minutes.
Fun part was going into all the shops which like a movie set. Even walked into droid shop to look around.
Even when RR opens I got to think the evening will be the best time to go.

EasyWDW has some comments on potential hours based on the Skyliner operating hours.


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