EMH everyday at AK, MK and HS

I have read lot of people on this forum say that if you’re staying off site, don’t go to a park on EMH days. My problem is that there are EMH everyday of my holiday at AK, HS and MK (I arrive 21 Oct). :persevere:. Guess I’m just in for some long wait times, but any tips for someone going to a park on EMH day staying off site (yes, I wish I’d just stayed on site now, hindsight is a wonderful thing!!). It’s getting close now, so excited.

Well, the thing about every park having EMH is that it spreads the people around so it does matter as much which park you go to on which day. Just as an example, on normal days where one park might have EMH and there are 3,000 at that park before you get there, right now there are only 1,000 at each of those parks before you get there.

That makes sense, thank you.

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As long as you get there 45+ minutes before RD you’ll be fine. It’s the people who don’t even get to the parking lots until the parks open or stroll in at 10am that have the most issues.

Have a Touring Plan and get their as early as possible! You’ll be fine!