EMH better for JTA?

To get into JTA, would it be better to go when HS has EMH or does it matter? According to the crowd calendars, the best days of our trip to go to HS is on 11/21 (crowd is a 5) which has EMH or on 11/25 (crowd is a 6) which does not have EMH. So which day is better?

Good question. I’m just tagging along to find out the answer - we’re going later this month! :slight_smile:

As long as you are waiting at HS at least 30 minutes (45 would be even better) before RD, know exactly where you’re heading to and don’t detour for anything, you’ll be fine on either day.

I know my experience isn’t typical, but we went on a 9 day, just missed RD and got in the first show - it was very slow to fill up that day. So even if you’re a little late I’d say you still have a good chance of getting in.