EMH at night

For guests staying off-site and unable to do EMH, is it best to avoid going to the parks with night time EMH even during the morning/day? I read it is best to avoid the morning EMH parks if you can’t partake in it but does this pertain to the evening as well? I was planning on going to Epcot (if that matters) but realize it has evening EMH and if those extra night hours makes it more crowded all day, I’d rather pick a different park! I thought I’d read that evening EMH don’t affect crowds but can’t recall where…

We’ve never even looked at which parks had evening EMH. Never noticed any difference.

I think evening EMH has a much smaller impact and we’ve certainly gone those days while off-site, when it was the most convenient day otherwise. It was just fine. Then again, we never stay past dinner-time so I can’t comment about later on.