EMH at MK on MNSSHP Day?

Family of 4 headed to WDW in October. We plan on attending MNSSHP on a Tuesday, and visiting MK on a Friday (which also has MNSSHP that evening). Just found out EMH for MK is that Friday morning; I’ve always avoided EMH parks like the plague based on advice from this blog (and others), but Touring Plans has estimated low crowd at MK that day, assuming because of the early-closing for the party.

Short question: has anyone done EMH at MK on a party day? Should we avoid because of the increase in crowds for EMH, or power through?

We plan to leave the park by 4 pm or so and spend an evening at the resort.

Thanks in advance!

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would like to know as well - we are planning on this also - What day in Oct are you looking at? We are planning Fri Oct 4th which at this point is CL4 - which doesnt seem so bad imo. We are doing MNSSP earlier in the week - so planning EMH then the park and then leaving late afternoon.

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WImom, that’s exactly what our plan is! I am worried about that Fri, Oct 4 day because of EMH warnings, but agree, CL4 looked good. Would like to be able to tour early morning, do ADR and leave in the afternoon as well.

Personally I don’t know where they get this overcrowding for days with EMH. I am sure their may be a few days this way but for the most part I have noticed no difference. The only time I noticed crowds coming in is at EPCOT during EMH, but this was in the evening and many were leaving to catch the bus back to their resort while others were just coming in. Not a big deal.

Glad you asked this, as I’ve been wondering the same! We’re planning to go Oct 23-Nov 2 for DD’s 8th birthday and 6 of the 9 full park days we are in the World have MK closing early due to MNSSHP as it is so close to Halloween. We plan on attending MNSSHP on Halloween because that is the day of her birthday, even though I know it’s going to be a madhouse! :crazy_face:

Between that and trying to establish which of the days may potentially be the best to do HS (if there is such a thing) with the soft SWGE opening, I’m having a much harder time picking which days to tour which parks. We use a touring plan, regardless, so maybe it’s not a huge deal…but we also usually reserve a TS for lunch rather than dinner…soooo many choices to think about that seem more difficult this time around! :slight_smile:

We did EMH on a MVMCP day on Nov 30. It was amazing.

It was the week after Thanksgiving, so crowds were pretty light anyway. It was projected to be a 1, wound up being a 3 (though I probably wouldn’t have noticed a difference). We were literally getting FP after FP after FP. We were “rided” out by the time it was party time. We stayed for the party too - 15 hour park day.

Thanks everyone! We are going to stick with EMH that Friday, and hope CL stays at 4 based on MNSSHP. I will update the post after we go to provide insight for any that need it!

We did it last October…it was great! We rope dropped 7dmt and got a ton done with low crowds. We left around 4 when the party crowds started coming in. Park hopped to HS.

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