EMH at MK.... is this overly optimistic?

If I am on Main Street USA at 7:30 am (CL 3 on a MNSSHP day), is it possible to do 7DMT, Peter Pan, and Space Mountain in that 8:00-9:00 hour, then line up to go to Adventureland at 8:59 to do Big Thunder?

Where do they hold you from Fantasyland at 8:59 when Adventureland opens? Is it that underpass by Rapunzel’s tower? Thanks everybody!!

7dmt and PPF might be tough. We have done EMH on a party day and we did a good bit of Fantasyland. We did PPF and skipped 7dmt, as we had a FP for later in the morning. PPF and 7dmt were pretty long lines very quickly. Not sure about SM, but I would think that line would not build as quickly.

And yes, they do hold you at Rapunzel’s tower.