EMH at DHS for TSL — strategy?

@SneakyPete has suggested I make use of my entitlement to EMH on my last day at WDW.

DHS has EMH from 7-8am. I have FPPs at 8.30am for TOT, 9.30am for RNR and 12pm for SDD.

What time should I arrive at DHS? If you say 6am, then I’m probably going to ignore you because I don’t see the point of queuing for an hour unless it cuts down queuing time later on. But how would it?

I’m thinking maybe 7.45am? After the initial influx but before the unwashed mob?

If you want to ride TSM or A.S.S., without an FPP and without an hour-plus wait, then 6:00 AM is likely the best answer. Because TSL will be so new, the majority of people who are there for RD will probably be heading straight to TSL and hitting up those three rides. And who knows - people may start lining up at the gates earlier than 6:00. My “prediction” is that if you arrive at 7:45, you’ll be looking at at least 90-plus minute waits for either the saucers or TSM.



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All I want to do that day is TOT, RNR, TSMM, SDD and HBD. (The plan is to do them in that order.) The only thing that’s not booked is TSMM. I need the rides done by 1pm for my ADR at HBD.

If I do TOT at 9.15am and RNR at 9.30am, I can be in TSL at 10am. That gives me till, say, 12.30pm to do TSMM.

So it’s not clear to me why arriving at DHS during EMH (is that the acronym? now I’m thinking it’s EMM) is any kind of advantage.

Suppose I arrive at 7am. I’d need to have done TSMM by, say, 9am to get to TOT in time. That’s probably doable. But then when I’m done with RNR by 10am, I’ve got at least two hours before I do SDD. Two hours that I have no particular agenda for.

I have no interest in ASS (apparently we’re calling it AS2).

Why am I wrong?

Two hours will give you a few rides on Star Tours and at least one showing of Muppets 3D (both must dos for our family…ds would ride Star Tours all day if he could).

You’re not wrong, if you’re willing to wait for TSMM and aren’t wanting to do anything else. In that case, go with your plan.

But given it’s an EMH day, then those not eligible for EMH will be lining up at around 7am anyway, to be at the front of the line for the 8am rope drop.

With any luck they will mostly be headed to SDD.


Not “wrong”, just a different touring strategy than I would use. You’ve obviously put way more research/planning into this than I did when I offered some general observations. If you have no interest in AS2, and are willing to stand in line for 2 hours to ride TSM (and hope the line is “only” 2 hours), then your plan will work. It’s just not how I would approach it…

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Okay, you don’t want AS2 (why?), but you could also do one or some of your rides during EMM and then again for your FPP. What’s wrong with that?

Makes me feel queasy.

I think it may make me feel queasy.

So I’m not really understanding the rope-dropping imperative in my case.

If the line for TSMM is so long that I don’t get to ride it then I will certainly be disappointed. If the line merely to enter DHS is so long that I miss my first FPP then I will be annoyed.

But how likely are these things? Well, no-one knows I guess.

I’ll see how I feel on the day. I still wonder whether a 7.45am arrival will be a good idea. Between the two surges?

I don’t think it is. The line of people not eligible for EMH (not EMM which is the paid event at MK) will be so long by that time that you may not be able to get into the park to use the EMH. Someone complained about this arriving 30 mins into EMH time at AK recently - while it did sound like a bit of a cock up, I think we can assume that TSL probably won’t run that smoothly either at least in the beginning.