EMH and Flight of Passage

Could not get FastPass for FoP, even 60 days out. We will be at AK when they have a 7 am EMH. Whew, that’s early! Is it critical to be there at 6:30 am to do FoP?

Also, my optimized plan tells me to do Navi Journey before FoP. Seems backwards.

Thanks in advance.

I would suggest closer to 6:15 and ignore that touring plan. You must do FoP first!


Not sure how to advise you about arrival time for EMH, but I encourage you to keep checking frequently for FP’s for FoP. I was in your same position (none @ 60 days), and after weeks of whining about it here on the forum :laughing:, I finally got them yesterday. They released a bunch at noon est. (This seems to be a frequent drop time.) What are your dates? If I can view your dates with my AP, and I see that they dropped more FP’s, I will notify you.

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Thanks, that’s what I thought.

Thanks for the info. We’ll be at AK on 3/5/18.

I can view that date. How many FP’s are you looking for?


@tbranham I’ve been checking for FP’s for you for FoP on 3/5/18. Nothing yet. Just a reminder… People who book room-only reservations have to cancel 6 days for online bookings and 5 days for other bookings prior to their arrival date to get a full refund. For your date, and the weekend preceding, I would start checking this weekend very frequently for those FP’s! Some may drop due to cancelled reservations. (Hopefully, you already got them! :slightly_smiling_face: ) Good luck!

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Will do and thanks for your help!