EMH and e-Tickets

Ok. So I have a paper e-ticket that I have printed. But I bought it through my convention b/c it was cheaper. I am staying on property at Paradise Pier the night before I go to DLR. Do I show my room key and my e-ticket to get in for EMH? Will I have to go through another queue? This printed e-ticket reads that I will not have to wait in Will Call to Ticket Purchase queues. I am thinking of getting there at 7AM for the EMH and don’t want to be stuck in line messing with this paperwork. Any information on how this works?


E-tickets are exchanged at the gates for a regular ticket that you can use for FP and other days if it is a multi-day ticket.

If you have some other voucher that is not actually an e-ticket, that will need to be exchanged at a ticket booth (separate line).

It should say on the document you have what to do.

Thanks. I was hoping that I didn’t have to stand in line twice. Do I just have my room key for EMH?


Also when you check in at PPH they’ll generally exchange your ticket then if you ask. However you’ll still probably need to have your picture taken when you enter (and show your room key)