Emh ak - fop

Taking a very quick trip to WWD in March for the EP Garden Festival and one of the days we are there, there is EMH at AK. We have FP for FOP at 4:15pm, but would love to try and do it in the morning. I have had no luck with switching our FP’s so what I am wondering is, how are the wait times for FoP generally if you get there at rope drop on EMH days? Are there any tips/tricks? It’s going to be a late night the night before, so if it’s iffy, I’ll probably just sleep in. :slight_smile:

I assume you’re staying onsite and planning to be there for EMH ropedrop. If that is the case, I think that the general consensus is to get there 1hr early and plan to move quickly and stay at the front of the crowd and you’ll get to ride without much wait…aside from the hour you got there early.

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Agree it’s advice above - take a look at easywdw blog and twitter feed - recently did video of rush to FOP and also shows how crowds build closer to RD

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We did 8emh AK for FOP, since couldn’t get any fpps last fall. FOP actually has been opening 15 minutes b4 stated time. We got there around 1 hour 15 minutes b4 stated opening, and were still not at front the crowd, though very near the front.

We were off FOP ride b4 8am, hopped on Navi, no wait there at all.