EMH - AK and HWS

Do I EMH both AK and HWS this summer, or go oppo on both? (They are on a Saturday and Sunday) There is only a crowd level difference of 1 for each.
In any case, we would be rope dropping Navi and TSM.

So which do I go with, get an extra hour of sleep with a little less crowd, or get a little more time with a little more crowd?

I’m having a similar issue with whether to RD Na’vi, just don’t want to get stuck in the masses heading to FOP
Whether to RD? I’m a big fan of it as you avoid the midday heat and crowds, it does depend on whether you’re a morning person though…I’m definitely not but I am at Disney haha

My answer would fully depend on what you plan to accomplish for each day, if you have hoppers or not, and if you can make it a point to be there EARLY for EMH.