Emergency Dining Help!

My dining reservations opened this morning. I got one for our arrival day and then breakfast the following morning. Everything else that I try is shaded like it isn’t open yet. Once your 180 day mark hits, it should open for the rest of the days, correct? What am I doing wrong? Not sure why just one opened for the next day.

Yes! Your resort reservation is linked? That has happened to me in the past too. Sometimes the website works, but the app doesn’t. Sometimes the app works and the website doesn’t. Did you try both? If that doesn’t work you will need to call.

Thanks! I only tried the website. I’ll give it another try. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything that I’m supposed to do.

Not getting in on the app either. Oh well, try again later, I guess!

I just tried and the furthest out I could book is July 7th(via the website). Is that 180 days?

are you staying on site?

I had a similar thing on my 180 day, could only book about 4 days, and it was because Disney hadn’t opened up reservations for those dates yet. I phoned up and the cast member couldn’t book them either. They opened up a day or two later. I’d suggest phoning the dining line to confirm.

Edit : found my thread from the time if you want more info

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Can you book them all for the open day and then edit them to the day you want? I doubt it. I’m a novice here, but its just an idea.

If you only see one day available 180 days out it means your resort stay isn’t linked or registered, so it’s showing you just one day like everyone staying elsewhere. if you see your resort stay linked in MDE and it’s not letting you pick all the says on the stay give them a call.

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Thanks for all the suggestions! Sorry for just now responding. I’m a first grade teacher, so I can’t get on during the day. The little ones don’t understand the importance of dining day! We were linked, so I’m not sure what happened. They eventually opened up. It’s just frustrating to get up at 5:30 in the morning, and not be able to get anything. By the time we could see availability, I was already at work. My husband got some reservations, but he was just kind of guessing at days and times! I think I need a personal day for fast pass time!


Yes, yes you do. Or at least a go in late day. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, most restaurants will still be available when you get off work. It’s only a select few that are hard to get.