Emergency back-up plans

Apparently, sometimes things don’t always go to plan. This has the potential to be stressful and disappointing.

Which is why I like to make sure my A-list items are on my schedule at least twice.

I was reading about how long it takes international arrivals to get through MCO. My arrival day plan slightly relies on things being reasonably smooth. It’s possible they won’t be.

So I’m adjusting one of my later days to get some emergency back-up in. Specifically the HEA dessert party. Which then gives me an excuse to squeeze in dinner at Narcoossees.

As this will add some MK time, I’m trying to figure out the smartest FPPs to book either side of HEA. There was 7DMT availability, but is that smart after a big dinner?

Jungle Cruise is totally different at night. Pirates is near by. As is Haunted Mansion. All of which happen to be amongst my favourite rides, without being at all risky after eating.

Are you asking with regards to time, or potential illness?

7DMT is one of the most mild coasters, like, ever. Unless you are VERY prone to motion sickness, I wouldn’t think even a big meal could pose a problem. It is short and smooth.

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You’ll be good on 7DMT. If you were talking about Rockin’ Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror or Mission Space Orange, those rides I wouldn’t go on directly after a meal.

You know how mild it is, I wouldn’t hesitate.

I also think 7DMT is a much better attraction at night if you can do it then.


It’s possible I’ve gone insane.

But let me try to explain.

I have two UOR days. With Express Pass. I think that’s probably too much time. So I’ve booked a nice evening at AK for both of those days: Dinosaur — Everest — Tiffins — Navi — FOP (regular line to see the pre-show stuff). Part of the point of this is back-up for my full AK day, just in case one of more of the rides is out of action that day. (You may remember a few weeks ago that FOP and Navi were out of action for two solid days. This is what inspired this back-up plan.)

Why two AK back-ups? Because I don’t know which UOR day I’ll want to cut short. I’m still waiting for UOR to publish the show schedule. I want to see The Nighttime Lights of Hogwart’s Castle. Once I know, I’ll do one full UOR day and one half UOR day, with AK in the evening.

But then I got thinking about disruption to my plans on my first night, which is arrival day. The schedule is BTRM — Splash — HEA (dessert party) — 7DMT. What if the plane is late? What if I get stuck for ages at immigration, etc. I’ve got other FPPs for the three rides on other days. But this is my one shot at HEA.

So I thought, OK . . . I’ll switch one of my optional AK evenings to an MK evening, so I have an emergency back-up. But I can’t just show up for HEA, can I? I may as well get some rides in. Oh and some food. And so the plan became Narcoossee’s — Jungle Cruise — HEA — 7DMT.

Which is pretty much where I left you all this afternoon, before I had to do some actual work to earn the money to pay for all this.

Except I got cold feet. And reversed all my decisions and cancelled all the MK stuff and reinstated all the AK stuff.

So I’m currently back to two AK half days where I pick one. And no MK back-up.

But now I’m thinking maybe I should change it all back again to one AK half day and one MK back-up day.

This would mean two half days (11am-4pm) at UOR. With Express Pass. No Nighttime Lights. But also two shots at FOP (one AK half day and my AK full day), and two shots at HEA.

If anyone’s understood any of this, can they suggest what I should do? Because I can’t make my mind up. Well, obviously.

I like your plan of having backups, I’ll need to review my plans for that as well. I think I have just enough time to completely revise them before we leave on Friday. (I’ve already redone them to be extra relaxed and put air-conditioned choices in the middle of the afternoon)

But my reply is not to answer your question, but to give you another point to consider: several posts on this forum have called out that the Harry Potter lands become very empty towards the end of the day. In fact, one of my replans was to make sure we were in Hogsmeade and Diagon each just before closing. (The parks close at slightly different times, fortunately.)

I would not want to do the dessert party after a delicious Narcoosee’s dinner personally. But if you’re doing it more for the space for viewing (which I don’t think is necessary, especially as a party of 1 where you can squeeze in about anywhere) then it would be fine. I personally wouldn’t be up for any desserts after a big dinner, and certainly not a dessert buffet.

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I’m not sure how I feel about this. Last year I wasn’t as into the WWOHP as I thought I’d be. But I think perhaps I was so overwhelmed by the whole trip that I didn’t really give it a chance and take it all in.

It would be nice a to have a full UOR day. Days are long, so I could have a late start, perhaps. No pressure to get everything done as I have a second day, too.


I guess I’m attracted to the simplicity and lack of stress associated with the dessert parties.