Embarrassing Moments in the World

I put this under Walt Disney World, but it can apply just as well to Universal or Disneyland, etc.

I’m curious about your most embarrassing moments (that you’re willing to share!) in the parks.

Me? So, my family was in line for some ride. I can’t for the life of me remember what ride it was now, although I can still picture the queue. Anyhow, since I was busy looking around at my surroundings, I had kind of lost track of the order of my family. We came to a stopping point, and I saw that my DS14 was standing in front of me. In a rare moment of tenderness for me, I decided to kind of grab him from behind on the shoulders in a sort of hug.

That’s when the horror set in. Because, well. He wasn’t my DS14. He wasn’t even a member of our family. Just some guy who happened to have the same hair color and shirt color with HIS family. As he turned around to see who was accosting him, I was dumbfounded at first. I, of course, quickly apologized, explaining that I thought he was my son, pointing my DS14 out a few places BEHIND me. Of course, the two really looked nothing alike. Also, the guy didn’t appear to speak fluent English (I noticed afterwards) so I’m not sure how much my explanation sank in. But we avoided looking at each other for the remainder of the line (which, thankfully, wasn’t very long).

What about you?




I had a “double whammy” (literally) many years ago at DCA. Because I pretty much hate walking around in wet underwear, if I was going to a park with water rides, I would sometimes wear a bathing suit or board shorts to the park (not an uncommon sight at DCA in the summer). The fatal flaw on this day was that I was wearing a brand new white nylon bathing suit. I got off of GRR and to my horror I discovered what white nylon does when it gets wet… from the waist down I looked pretty much like Michelangelo’s David.

The bathing suit had side pockets, so I buried my hands in them to try to maintain some space between my skin and the clinging, translucent bathing suit. This probably looked even worse to passers-by (and was causing some unwanted side effects), so I gave up on this idea. My next plan was to get someplace out of the way as quickly as possible until the bathing suit dried out (being nylon and it being a 90 degree day with about 30% humidity, I figured this would not take long).

I was so preoccupied with looking down, I didn’t look up - and “walked with purpose” into a low-hanging sign with enough force to sit me down on the pavement. Instead of being inconspicuous I now had a group of people around me asking if I was OK. Physically I wasn’t hurt at all, but I quickly noticed that my now semi-horizontal position was only exacerbating the bathing suit situation. I accepted the hand to help me back up on my feet and declined the offer to get medical assistance. In a happy coincidence there was a bathroom near by, so I ducked in there and hid for about 20 minutes until the situation resolved itself.

I threw the bathing suit in the garbage when I got home.


Too funny @ryan1! I almost made the exact same blunder on our last visit. Tall blonde teenager in front of me and I realized only an instant before I touched him that it wasn’t my son. I laughed out loud realizing how embarrassing that would have been.



That story might take the cake!

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Okay. You win! :flushed:


Those stories are great. Mine was years ago, when DH and I went with our then 5 and 3 year-olds. I have always loved roller coasters and really wanted to ride SM. DH had zero interest, so I got a FP for myself and told him I would ride and meet them in Fantasy Land afterwards. I got SO SICK on the ride. First time ever! I was close to vomiting but didn’t and walked back to meet them. I was absolutely green. DH just laughed but then felt bad when he realized how awful I felt. He ran to buy me a coke which I sipped and finished as we walked. Kids wanted to do Tom Sawyer’s Island so we walked over to wait in line for the raft. We were crowded on and just as it pushed off the dock, up came the entire coke, lunch, and everything else I had eaten that day!!! Thankfully I was able to aim over the railing and it went into the lake and not onto the raft. Several people were looking at me and I was mortified. When I finally stopped and looked around, DH and the kids were clear on the other side of the raft, pretending not to know who I was, LOL.


LOL, indeed! Thanks for sharing.


I was propped up on what I thought was a railing (not sitting on top of it as the CM in First Aid suggested :confused:) waiting to meet Princess Aurora. It wasn’t a railing at all but a cleverly disguised service gate for the gardening crew to get into a flowerbed. I had been propped up for a good 10 minutes when the gate decided it was going to swing open. I fell to the ground, my arm caught the actual railing and I landed flat on my back in some lovely greenery. I hopped right back up like nothing had happened. About 3 minutes later DH (who wasn’t with me) called and I raised my right arm to my ear. I immediately burst into tears and ran to find the nearest bathroom. If you know anything about the France Pavilion, they only bathrooms are either in CdF or the one in Les Halles (that I didn’t know about). I went into the perfume shop with my tear streaked face. A shopkeeper took one look at me, thrust a box of tissues into my hands and lead me to the Les Halles bathroom. DH was still on the phone with me while all his is happening, 3 states away, clueless as to why I’m completely melting down in EPCOT. I locked myself in a bathroom and just bawled like a baby. I finally composed myself enough to go back outside only to find that my “friends” had left the area. I sat on a rock wall, eating a granola bar and a sipping some water from Les Halles. I noticed that I was starting to bruise so I sulked my way over to the First Aid station. The nurse gave me an ice pack and 4 ibuprofen.

I’ll add the pictures of my bruising. It hurt like all h3// but it made a lovely rainbow.

About 20 minutes after the accident.

Later that night
Two days after the incident
It’s starting to drain down my arm.
Maximum drainage and the lovely rainbow effect. This was about a week after the accident.


Ugh! How awful!

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Spectacular! Big ouch.

I’m a “go big or go home” kinda gal. In this case, I was a “go big AND go home AND cry about it” kinda gal.

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Oh my gosh, that is terrible. :open_mouth:

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Oh my…that’s is so funny! I’m laughing my socks off here :joy::joy::joy:

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Oh, poor you!

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