Embarkation day advice

Have any advice to share on embarkation day? We have port arrival of 10:45AM. Once checked in is there a guest service area to check and see if by some miracle a once booked CC Cabana has somehow miraculously become available? Any other tips to make this a smooth day?

Best wishes on getting your cabana!

Great blog post here-

@MeetMeAtThePoly Thank you! You always have good info for me! I need to remember to use the other ‘features’ on the website!

When do u cruise? If your ship is full I would be very doubtful of a cabana opening up. They are usually booked up by concierge or platnuim guests. Which ship?

Also they do not start boarding til 11:30 again starting with concierge you will not be able to do anything in the terminal you will have to go to guest services on the ship.