Elote lovers unite!

OK, eyes and ears, I saw a picture a couple of days ago that had elote and some other item on it for Pixar Fest. Can’t remember where I saw the picture, but now I must have it! Anyone been to the park this week? Did you see where it is? Help a brother out!

Did you try the Disney Food Blog? They usually have pictures of everything at the food booths. Had to google what Elote was but I remember seeing it pictured at one of the Pixar Fest booths.

I have never heard of Elote either, but I looked it up & along with the tip from the other responder to check Disney Food Blog found this: http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2018/01/31/news-diy-elote-at-disneyland-resort/

Gonna have to try this next time…

Yeah, I searched DFB as well and came up with the DIY version. I wish I could find that picture again…it was definitely as Disney sign with elote and one other item on it. Sound like a food cart, now that I think about it…hmm…

I was just there and saw the Elote at a cart in California Adventure. It was fairly close to the Cars Land sign.


SWEET! Thank you so much!

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I also saw Elote at a cart across from the entrance to The Little Mermaid Ride. So you’ll have multiple options!

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