Electrical Water Pageant?

My wife told me about the Electrical Water Pageant and thinks it will be fun. Has anyone been to it? Is it worth going to?

Yes, grab a refreshing beverage at any of the Bay Lake/Seven Seas resorts and relax.


Definitely worth watching. My kids still talk about it from years and years ago.

The parade moves progressively around Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon, stopping at each resort that has waterfront access. The order of rotation and the scheduled times change depending on the season and as to not conflict with any fireworks shows that may be going on. Be sure to consult with guest services to confirm the locations and times for the evening you are planning to watch

I’ve never specifically planned to watch it, but over the years I’ve seen it a number of time “by accident”. It’s not terribly long, but is quite pretty and definitely worth seeing - especially if you have plans to be at one of the resorts in the evening. I don’t think I would leave a park specifically to see it.

The EWP is WDW’s oldest parade, and is definitely worth seeing IMO. Here is a link with more info: http://allears.net/tp/ewp.htm


It’s so fun to watch!!! We saw it in February from the beach at ft wilderness.

Can’t wait to watch it again in 7 weeks!!!

I agree!