Electrical Water Pageant

We are staying at Bay Lake Tower in July and would like to watch the Electrical Water Pageant from the Contemporary area. We are planning to be at MK and watch the 9:00 Main Street Electrical Parade from Frontierland (because of less crowds), then exit the park and hopefully make it to the Contemporary to watch the Electrical Water Pageant. I believe it passes the Contemporary at 10:05. Does anyone have an idea of what time the MSEP would finish up in Frontierland and if it will be possible to make it back to the Contemporary in time. I know getting through the crowds may be an issue and I assume we would want to go around through Adventureland as we exit. Also, I have never stayed at BLT or the Contemporary, so is there a certain area to watch the water pageant from? Thanks!

I think you will have enough time, though probably only with 5 minutes to spare.

The parade will last about 15 minutes. It reaches Frontierland last (this one starts in Town Square). I would not expect it to finish in Frontierland very much earlier than 9:25 - 9:30. While I love Frontierland for parade viewing, keep in mind that you are in one of the furthest points from the park entrance there and will be among a huge crush of people trying to make their way in that same direction for Wishes. You might make it but it’s going to be a stressful push if it’s a must-do. If you can approach it in a relaxed “we might make it we might not” way, then go for it. Otherwise I would say it would be better to view parade closer to Town Square, view on another night, or plan for the EWP on another night.