Electrical Water Pageant time and place

First off, is this worth going out of our way to see?

Second, I’m not clear when it actually is, despite Disney’s website’s best efforts. We’ll be there on 24th August. It says 10.35pm on that day, but where will it be at that time? More importantly when will it be at the Contemporary? (And where at the Contemporary should we be to see it?)

(It also says 10.35pm is only during EMH days. Which the 24th isn’t.)

EWP is a series of barges, with light displays, towed around Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake. In general, it starts a 9pm and the whole route takes about 90 minutes, with each resort getting about 15-20 minutes of viewing. When HEA is moved later, EWP is also moved. I believe the route is…Poly, GF, across SSL, WL, FtW, CR, then back across SSL. If you are at CR, view it from the boat docks.


Did you see this parade last time? If 2018 is your “monorail trip”, this is the year.

I saw it from CG, which isn’t a great viewing spot for it.

This year the plan is to watch it from the GF after my dinner at V&A.

…or meander down to the Poly beach.