Electrical Parade Viewing Locations?

I would appreciate any advice on the best viewing location for the Main Street Electrical parade, given our plans. Based on our current touring plan, we expect to be in Adventureland until around 8:30. Electrical Parade begins at 9. Since Celebrate the Magic is closed during our trip, we will likely want to head back to our resort (Polynesian) to watch the 10 PM fireworks from the beach there. Where would you recommend we try to watch the Electrical Parade, so that we have a decent viewing spot and an easy exit after the parade? I understand the train station platform is good, but not sure if that will work for us given that we don’t plan to be there all that early. (This will be Aug. 21, which I think is now expected to be CL8)

Also, are there any roadblocks, etc. that will prevent us moving freely between 8:30 and the start of the electrical parade? Or after the electrical parade before the fireworks begin? If we watch the electrical parade from Frontierland, is there any way we can expect to get back to the Poly before the fireworks begin? Or should we just plan to stay in the park for fireworks if we watch the parade from Frontierland.

Thanks very much.

Since you want to get away right away I think you need to be where the parade starts. That would put you in front of the train station or somewhere on that side of the square.

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So the electrical parade starts at the town square, and all the others start in frontier land? Do the parades only go one way please?

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I asked the question about parades the other day on chat. I questioned if there were two parades would the second one go in the opposite direction and I was told no. Festival of Fantasy ends in Town Square, and so does the Halloween Parade and Christmas Parade (at least during parties) but MSEP starts in Town Square.

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I would hit Frontierland in front of LTT/Mercantile/etc. Parade will reach you about 9:10 or so. Instead of following the masses through Lib Square, take the cut-through back to adventureland and make your way out from there. I would think you should do okay getting back to Poly just about in time for Wishes.

But getting there from Adventureland where she’ll be til 8:30ish might be sticky and still get a spot…

Actually disregard. I just did my math over and the parade won’t finish in FrL until 9:30ish. Too tight to make Wishes.

I would do as @PrincipalTinker says, keeping in mind it’s still going to be iffy on getting a spot. Though the parade will be done by about 9:15 in town square and you’ll be right at exit.

Either way I think it will be tight.

Thanks very much for this input. What do you think about this spot: Sleepy Hollow snack-and-beverage shop, immediately to your right as you cross the bridge into Liberty Square?

If we get to that spot by 8:40, will we get a spot there? (Doesn’t need to be the front row, but obviously would like to still be able to see the parade). I suspect we will end up staying in the MK for the fireworks, just so that we don’t need to stress about timing so much. If we do, where would you recommend we watch the fireworks so that we have an easy exit from the park?

But, if we are set on leaving the park after the parade, could you explain what to expect on the way out? If, say, the parade is done by 9:30 in our viewing Sleepy Hollow location, can we walk with purpose down main street (kids in stroller) and be outside the MK by 9:50? Do they play music from that area? Can you see the fireworks from that area? If we, say, catch a boat either to the Polynesian or to the TTC, do they play music on the boat and can we see fireworks from the boat? Once at the boat dock of either the Polynesian or the TTC, would that be a good viewing location?

My concern about the area near sleepy hollow is that the crowd will move towards the hub for Wishes right after and you would be fighting the crowd. I have often watched night time parades from the area you are mentioning, and it is a good spot. If you headed towards CP you may be ok- but I would usually cut through Caseys and then the stores.

I have arrived just as the MSEP has started and although I have not been able to get front row I have been able to find a spot in the square to watch. I think you will be able to see the fireworks from outside but the music may be an issue.

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This is absolutely true. It’s kind of a mob