Electrical Parade at 9 or 11?

So, I’m planning for Wed, Oct 5 and we were planning on the Electrical Parade at 11, but whenever I optimize (no matter which time I choose), it keeps putting the 9pm time on my plan. What is the deal?

It seems like I read that the 11 show is less crowded and it’s a good time to ride rides during the 9pm parade?

Also, is it feasible to watch the electrical parade, Wishes and Celebrate the Magic all in one night? Should we try to do that? It’s the only late night we will be at MK.


Oh shoot. Just saw there is an Electrical Water Pageant too?

Does it put anything after that in your plan. If not you don’t have enough to fill the day so it’s putting it in the next showing after your other plans have finished. It can be a good move to go to the later parade but be flexible in case the weather isn’t cooperating. We made plans to do this at the Christmas Party and the second parade was cancelled due to rain so we never got to see it.

It is feasible to do all of them in one night. They are usually scheduled closely together, but be sure you stake out a spot in front of the castle as CTM can only be seen from the front.

The water pageant is outside of the parks. It goes through the lagoon around the MK resorts.

Yes, it’s still putting stuff afterwards.

Thanks for the tips on the on the parades. Is it hard to get in front of the castle? I don’t really want to have to sit there for an hour waiting.

The second parade will be less crowded than the first, because a lot of people leave after Wishes. Sadly, to get a “good” spot on MS you’ll have to stake out (and DEFEND with your life) a spot at least an hour before. The added “problem” is that many people will stake out a spot for the first parade and then stay for Wishes, which means a lot of the "good"spots will be gone by 8:00. I’ve seen people “holding their spot” as early as 6:30.

This is why I have not watched Wishes in at least 5 years (and the last time I did, I used an FPP for it). I am not a patient person, so sitting in one spot, on the ground - especially in WDW - for an hour or more does not work well for me. It’s also difficult for me to not use the advanced vocabulary I learned in the Navy when dealing with all of the incredibly rude people who think MY spot should be THEIR spot. And being run over by strollers (actually, strollers don’t hurt as much as EVCs). And then, after you finally win that battle and preserve the tiny spot of land that you claimed, as the show starts the guy in front of you hoists his kid up on his shoulders and you can see nothing but kid butt. And if you try to say anything…

People ask me where my favorite place is to watch Wishes. I answer, honestly, YouTube…

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The water pageant is classic WDW; it’s been around in one form or another since WDW opened in '71. It’s cool to see it go by if you’re at one of the lagoon resorts (I’ve seen it from the GF several times), but, to me, it’s not enough of an attraction to go out of your way to see. You can probably find it on YouTube.

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100% agreed - the Water Pageant is wonderful to happen into by coincidence whether from a resort, a restaurant or on the boat traveling to/from MK. But, it’s not a good enough show that I would schedule my plans around seeing it, if that makes sense…

If you have specifically chosen the late showing in your plan and its still putting you in the earlier one then email a screenshot to webmaster@touringplans.com and they’ll look at it. Could be a glitch.

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We did, just shortly before the events. This summer, DH and I found spots in front of the castle, maybe about 15 min before Celebrate the Magic which was followed by Wishes. It was CL 6. That was very thick with people (but not packed like sardines), we had to pick our way through to an open spot. We were adults only, no kids, so that made it doable. Three nights later, CL 10, we also were able to pick our way through to a spot on the hub close to the parade route so we could see MSEP. For us, our spots were good and did not require long waiting. Your definitions may vary.