Electric water pagent

Can any tell me if the water pagent is worth watching? I have a dining reservation for the Polynesian hotel as I was told you can see the pagent from their

Worth watching is quite subjective. Is it the greatest show ever? No - not even close. Is it fun and do I enjoy seeing it once a trip if possible? Definitely.

It’s a very simple light show on boats - I always enjoy when we serendipitously experience it. It should make a nice complement to a meal at the Poly…

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Ummm define “worth watching”.

@Damavs pretty much nailed it. I would describe it as Disney’s most “peaceful” show. Barges that lazily head out to the middle of the lake, and then play music once out there. Perfect to watch and decompress for a few minutes, I absolutely loved watching it from my hotel room after a day in the parks.

But if you’re looking for something “whiz bang” you’re going to be bored silly.

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Nostalgia factor for me - one of the very few things I remember from my first trip to Disney at 6 years old.

Cheers. Guys for your thoughts. Since we’re coming from London, I just didn’t want to waste any of our precious time, but it sounds like old school Disney, and a chance to relax after a long flight?

Yup, I would say that’s the perfect application for it. Something to just relax with for a moment.

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We walked to the end of the pier after eating at Ohana and watched it from there - we didn’t tell the kids beforehand and it was great to see their delighted faces while it was going - at Disney even the lakes are magical, haha!

I remember at 8 years old staying at the Contemporary. First night ever at WDW. The evening after flight and check in we stayed at the hotel, and the pageant went by. I thought this was the big deal show and loved it. So then when we saw the true big deal shows, I was even more in awe