Elderly Parents

We will be bringing our 86 year old Mothers with us to Disney World. Both are somewhat physically challenged. Will be staying at the GF. Any thoughts or recommendations on how too make their visit as enjoyable as possible?

What time of year?

I’ve been with my wife’s Grandmother (84) and my mother (70) staying at GF. My recommendation is to try and stay in the main building or close to it if you can. We went early in the morning and stayed in the parks till noon, then went back to GF for time at the pool. We had an early dinner, and my wife and I went back into the parks at night with the Grandma’s hanging out at the GF listening to the big band, and drinks. We all had a great time!!
I’d also recommend scooters if they need them. The parks a ton of walking no matter what age you are, but especially for the physically challenged.
Hope you all have a great time! I’d love to hear a trip report @plumbout


Early December

Thank you. Will try to give trip update.

That sounds like a good time to go - not beastly hot, and every place is decorated for Christmas. Lots of things to savor at a slower pace.

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Sounds like a time for some great memories! My in-laws love Epcot. I’d recommend spending time there. I know it will be tough on your arms but I’d recommend pushing your mom around in a wheel chair. Unless your mom regularly uses an ECV in crowds, it is likely to be a stressful experience for her.

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I agree with @Incredible_Family I would get wheelchairs unless they are used to ECVs. I would also possibly call ahead at GF and tell them the situation so that they can put you in an optimal room that would minimize walking etc.

I don’t know how much time you spend with the mothers on vacation in the past - but my biggest suggestion is letting them set the tone (somewhat like when you take smaller kids). They will be the ones that MAY tire first (although my mother in law is a tour de force and hard to keep up with). But set the pace with them.

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Neither one has ever used an ECV or a wheelchair for that matter, but there is no way they could handle the amount of walking needed to navigate DW. This entire trip is pretty much for them, so they will be setting the pace. Neither of them has ever been to DW during the Christmas season, so they are both extremely excited. I will contact the GF and give them a heads up. Thanks.

YOU know your situation better than anyone else and the capacity of your “guests of honor”. I would however highly suggest that you come to resolution with them regarding the use of a Wheelchair or not. My mother in law is over 70 and runs 5 miles several days a week, my mother is also over 70 and has a hard time making it up over a curb. So in my mind the age is just a single factor. If your mothers can legitimately handle the walking (but may need rests) - perhaps you just take each day as it comes and rent something as you need.

I guess the point is - everyone needs to be on the same page as far as what will be deemed appropriate.

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Very similar situation on our side of things. The not-so mobile mother is not very happy about the wheelchair, but understands it will be a necessity. Plenty of rests MIGHT help the other mother, but even she is prepared to use a wheelchair. The subject comes up often when discussing the vacation, so I am hoping there are no issues when the time comes. Thanks again for your input.