@ejj says call this Chat Rumor: 4th FPP on MDE by Sept?

A CM told a Liner we'd be able to make our 4th FPP from MDE by Sept?

Still in the 'rumor' category as far as I know... but that would be GREAT so lets cross our fingers that they implement that ASAP!

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It is 2014 they should be doing this


I would LOVE to see this happen before our trip. Crossing my fingers...

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I missed this. I'm very interested in the source for this.
Would be a vast improvement; there's no technical reason why it could not be done, unless the original design was garbage & unadaptable.

@PianoMinnie you should consider changing the title to this thread to more specifically reflect what's being discussed. Thanks! smile

@ejj It was a thread on chat yesterday. Source seemed to be just a chatty CM in the park, so take that for what its worth smile

It would be nice, I saw the chat post. It is bound to come out, it is just the when.

@ejj how's that? lol