Effect on crowds by Cheer Open Championship Series on May 3–5, 2021,

I just noticed that there will be a Cheer competition going on while we are at Universal. The Crowd levels seem very reasonable. So, I guess they don’t effect crowds very much?

The Unofficial Guides say that convention (and competition) crowds don’t typically make a big difference. For one, they represent a small percentage of attendance on any given day. For another, they are often preoccupied with their convention!

That said, groups of teenagers can be annoying, so if you do run into them, they might detract from your experience. But that’s possible any time.

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True. Our first trip was when a large group of teenage girls from South America doing their Quince. trip. They weren’t annoying in themselves, just that they stayed together and got in line all together, making the wait time jump. So we tried to stay away from them in order to not accidentally get in line behind them. Although thinking about it, they did something considerate. Instead of using the lockers they’d pile their stuff outside the line and leave a guard.

Thinking about this after I posted, The competition starts on a Monday, and we leave Wednesday. If they are in the parks it will be the weekend before and we’ll have EP’s then.

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