EEMM- how do I get there

Fantasy land Extra Early morning magic at 7:45. How do I get there. If we are at the poly, does the monorail run that Early? Normal park hours are 9am. TIA. Sorry for the probably dumb question.

I’ll be doing EEMM on the 30th. I plan to use a MinnieVan from POFQ. Ride share seems like the best guarantied way to get to the park on time.

Edit: MinnieVan will bring you right to the park entrance. Standard Lyft or Uber can only bring you to the TTC.

Last year when we were there we did EEMM at HS, and there were no minnie vans available. I found the entire ride share process that early stressful. We were were like, wait, we have a car, and ended up driving.

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That is our backup plan!

It should be running at 6:30am, but is not guaranteed. The monorail can be “fussy” in the morning.

As already mentioned - ride share services are the easiest / best way to get to MK that early. Minnie Vans can drop you off closest to the gates for $25

Uber / Lyft have to drop off at the Contemporary Hotel and you walk from there. You have to tell security you are there to eat. (They’ll wave you in. If someone does ask for a reservation - just say you are eating at the Contempo Cafe. No reservations required and they have to let you in.)

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Last month, we took Lyft 3x to the Contemporary to get to MK. We were prepared to eat at Contempo. But each time, the Lyft driver said he was doing a drop off and the guard waved him in.

We had the driver drop us off in the parking lot immediately to the left of the guard.

I’ve never had to say anything either. It’s always a wave in. I’ve just kept that excuse in my pocket because someone here once said they got asked.

I did get asked once, when driving my own car, by security when parking at The Boardwalk. I was going to AbracadaBar and he just said “Ok” and let me in.

We did EMM in Nov 2018 and the resort monorail was running but it was very slow. The express monorail was not yet open. We had allowed what I thought was more than plenty of time and were still very rushed getting in on time. I’d just recommend allowing even more time than you normally allow to get into MK.

It’s very easy to get there on time by bus from POFQ.

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