EEMH in February?

With the second attraction coming online in SWGE in January, what do you all think the chances of EEMH being a thing into 2020? Specifically Presidents week?

I am a few weeks away from ADR’s and have a couple PPO reservations in my plan, but will probably make those brunch/lunch reservations if it is looking like there are EEMH every day.

Would love people’s thoughts on this too as we’re there the same week. I’m thinking as yet, it’s anyone’s guess?

I am also curious. Though obviouly no one knows the answer except Disney :wink: I’m going the last week of January. Though i’m hoping the crowds will have died down enough by then that they won’t need EEMH.

I wish we knew. I will be there when RotR opens. The general take I have read suggests that Disney will wait until they see how busy the fall is before announcing an extension of EEMH.

I’m going that week as well.

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