Reading conflicting reports - what’s the best strategy for HS for EEMH. TSL first then Star Wars or Star Wars then TSL?

For context, there is me, husband and toddler. Original plan was to go to SWGE, leave husband in queue (with rider swap loaded on my band) and then toddler and I go to TSL. But have seen reports that it’s been to do TSL first then head to SWGE.

What’s people’s experiences? I have had my touring plan both ways, seems that doing MF first then TSL is quicker

We got to Hollywood studios just before 6:30am (have a PhotoPass pic in front of the GMR at 6:34am). Went over to TSL, and jumped in line for SDD. Time stamp of the ride pic shows 7:02am, so it was less than a 30 min wait. Walked over to TSM - maybe waited 15 - 20 mins. Walked up to the SWGE exit (stupidly forgot you could only enter from the other side). Doubled back down and on the way out of TSL we saw Buzz was out. We waited in short line to meet Buzz (about 15 mins) - timestamp on pics shows 8:03 am. Headed over to SWGE - we have a timestamped pic at 8:31 am. We waited about 20 mins for SR. That line moves fast!

The second time we hit HS, we did RRC x3 (walk on each time), then went over and waited about 15 mins for TSM. Went over to SWGE, waited closer to 45 mins for SR this time around (was closer to 10 that we made it over there, started way later in the park a closer to 8:30/9am).

Please forgive any spelling and grammatical errors. Making the drive back home, not much sleep last night. Brain barely working :upside_down_face:

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I read a blog called

They’ve been going to EEMH almost everyday at each of the parks. Here’s the report for DHS - specifically RD SDD

I really debated going during this time back when they were offering big hotel discounts and regretting that I didn’t.

If the crowds continue to be this low for EEMH I don’t know if they’ll extend them for the rest of the year.

After reading that blog, I feel like I still don’t have an answer as to whether or not TSL is better to do first. Maybe we’ll be able to answer that when he finishes the rest…

Not sure if this will help. At 7am this morning I went to Toy Story land. SDD had a wait time of 40 minutes and TSM was 10 minutes. Then we went to SWGE and MF had a wait of 50 .

Sure… it’ll be out in the next day or so. Josh tends to put it out a couple times each week.

Overall, the point is that there’s really not much of a significant wait for anything during EEMH if you are willing to get up and do RD. :wink:

I am definitely hoping to rope drop, just don’t know how the rest of the family is going to feel about it on the morning of. If I can minimize the wait times as much as possible, I’ll get less complaints about it from the peanut gallery. I still have like 6 weeks though, and a lot can change between now and then.


That blog was helpful thanks. I think I’ve decided on this as my EEMH plan…

  1. SDD/ASS. Will be doing rider swap for SDD so this is my husband doing SDD and I’ll take toddle on ASS. I assume can do rider swap in EEMH.
  2. TSM
  3. SDD/ASS. this is me doing SDD and husband doing ASS with toddler again
  4. Meet woody & Boo Peep (be in line before 7)
  5. Meet Jessie
  6. Andys lunchbox (prob husband picking stuff up whilst we queue up)
  7. Meet buzz
  8. Meet Olaf (assuming have time, if running short will send husband ahead to look around Star Wars while we do character meets)
  9. Meet mickey & Minnie
  10. Star Wars land (be in for 8 ish)
  11. Oga’s cantina
  12. MFSR for about 8:45

Then I’ll carry on with my touring plan as it was…



Here’s part 2- Going to SWGE after TSL


Thank you, That’s great info!

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