So, I was all set to get my family up and out of Pop no later than 7 on an EMH day at AK in June. Then, they changed the hours from 8am-9pm to 7am-10pm.

It’s our 4th day in the parks. We’ll have early starts every day of our 5 day trip. We have late FP, but would kind of like to fit in Navi (an early morning FOP ride would be fun to just to be able to ride it more than once), but it’s not do or die. ROL package for 1st showing at 9pm.

What time should we plan to be at the park? Will it be crazy busy on a CL 6 day if we show up at 7am opening? I’m just not sure my family will be ready to be out the door any earlier.

Navi is MUCH easier to RD with short lines, without having to get there 90 minutes early compared to FOP. MOST RD’ers will be going to FOP. If you are there at park open, rather than the 90 minutes early, you’d likely have some wait, but hopefully not too bad. - If they open FOP early those that got on already may also head to Navi

Just to play devil’s advocate, you are going to be at 7am RD to ride Navi then stay all day til RoL, and it’s your 5th of 5 days getting up early? I wouldn’t want to do that! Is this your only chance to ride Navi?

Yes… thanks for keeping it real. I think we’ll show up in time to eat at TH and do what we want, enjoy our late FP and head back after the first ROL. If we’re there early, great, and if not that’s ok.

We walked on Navi about 15 min before park close once. Maybe you could consider that.

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