EEH Question

How do extended evening hours work during party seasons? Trying to figure out if it’s worth it to upgrade to deluxe for a couple days of our trip (currently at ASMo for the entire trip Fri 12/1- Thurs 12/7). There are party nights Fri, Sun, Tues, and Thurs.
TP just alerted me that there will be EEH at AK on Monday 12/4. Mondays are usually Epcot IIRC, so I assume it’s replacing that?
Will that be the only park with EEH during our stay?

This is what happens on party nights when there is a party :slight_smile:

It’s not a party night and it’s replacing the Epcot EEH, not MK where a party would be, which is why I was curious.
Are there no MK EEH during party season?
Does Epcot EEH ever get shifted to another night?

I don’t think there’s a ton of parties on Wednesdays, so hopefully there are some Wednesdays when the EEH sticks

Epcot shouldn’t get shifted on the regular as there are not parties there. That should remain Mondays. So this must be a one-off and there’s a private event booked in the late evening hours at Epcot.

That makes sense, thanks.

This is the current posted EEH days and parks:

September 18, 2023 - EPCOT
September 20, 2023 - Magic Kingdom
September 25, 2023 - EPCOT
September 30, 2023 - Disney’s Hollywood Studios
October 2, 2023 - EPCOT
October 5, 2023 - Disney’s Hollywood Studios
October 9, 2023 - EPCOT
October 11, 2023 - Disney’s Hollywood Studios
October 16, 2023 - EPCOT
October 19, 2023 - Disney’s Hollywood Studios
October 23, 2023 - EPCOT
October 25, 2023 - Disney’s Hollywood Studios
October 30, 2023 - EPCOT
November 2, 2023 - EPCOT
November 6, 2023 - EPCOT
November 8, 2023 - Disney’s Animal Kingdom
November 13, 2023 - EPCOT
November 15, 2023 - EPCOT
November 20, 2023 - EPCOT
November 22, 2023 - Disney’s Animal Kingdom

They’re certainly mixing no things up without any discernible pattern. Having said that DHS was substituted for MK for a few weeks and now AK seems to have 2 weeks but fortnightly., Tgat might be a pattern, hard to tell.

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I like predictability for planning purposes and they’re certainly not making it easy :rofl:


When MK is not the EEH for Wednesday it is HS alternating Wed one week Thurs the next for the most part in October

I think they are testing the viability of AK as an option but also lose HS as an option because of Jollywood beginning in November

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Whilst that’s entirely possible, some things don’t make sense. Why Epcot solid for 2 weeks at a time (twice), for example? And is Jollywood every night?

No but I think they have to consider what they have for staffing.

I’m not sure about the Epcot part? Maybe they are using off hours for prepping stuff at HS for Jollywood and wouldn’t want to use it then?

Maybe there’s no rhyme or reason and Josh D’Amaro just used a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey method when he picked the dates (not even being serious that it was him never mind the method).

I’m guessing just like anyone else :slight_smile:

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Seems about right! Much like the method he used to decide which “blue sky” project he’d tease us with this year. :roll_eyes:

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I’m kind of annoyed by the change from EP to AK on 12/4, would’ve preferred EP. And it only being open until 9pm seems way too early for it being extended hours (which I know it follows the 2 hours after park close like the other parks, but I’d rather a park be open until 11pm or midnight!)

This is my issue with it. As well as that in the past when it was open later, there was not a lot of stuff to do that was also open later. Too much of the park was closed.

I love AK - it’s my very fave - but I don’t expect a lot from this. I hope they prove me wrong!

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Well ITTBAB will be open, so I guess I could watch that a few times before it closes :joy:

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12/4 is a Jollywood night

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Disney has published a few dates in December for additional AK deluxe hours as well:

See I don’t think that’s enough.

Maybe my fave park is not meant to be a night park because I also recognize that there’s not a ton more than those attractions as far as rides go. And I’m sure their hands are tied around the shoes because of Equity Union rules (which are important - I am not suggesting otherwise)

But the animal trails can’t really be open (no lighting, animals not out) and the KS evening Safari thing was a bit silly (for the same reason).

It ends up being a bit “meh”

They should definitely run Tree Of Life Awakenings though and I don’t see that there. That’s wicked dumb.


At the moment though DHS will only have 8 rides running, 9 if Rise does get added.

Edit: changed when I realised I forgot TSMM.

When I was at Epcot there were 8 or 9 (depending if you count MS as 1 or 2).

3 caballeros

Pretty sure LwtL closed when EEH started, and Nemo too (I think The Seas was entirely closed).

But those are all rides. And many of them are headliners.!

You can’t put triceratops spin out there and expect that it counts for anything with the adult guests. At least half the people I know will not ride dinosaur. So that leaves three rides in total and the rest are diversions at best. I suppose you can call. It’s tough to be a bug a show.

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