EEH predictable?

So I noticed that in early June the MK has extra evening hours for Wednesday nights. Epcot Tuesdays. AK each night but I’m assuming that regulates after a few weeks of pandora. Nothing for HS.

How predictable is this for July and August? We love taking advantage of EEHs and we’re leaving on Tuesday :sob: Lmk thoughts.


I believe it was announced that there would not be any more EMH for HS due to construction .

Last summer, they switched some EMH around near the 4th of July holiday, so that MK had evening EMH on Sunday, July 3. Disney changes park hours frequently, up to and including the day you are there, but the pattern of EMH (a.m. and p.m.) doesn’t change as often.

They’ve recently changed “normal” operating hours for AK to be later through August, and extended a couple of nights of HS as well. I was double checking the hours earlier this week for our trip at the end of summer. EMH hasn’t shifted at all thus far for the last week of August, just park closing hours that I’ve seen.

thats awesome news. where are you finding this? MDE app seems to be showing the same

The hours info that I found was on the Disney site itself.

HS may be open until 9:30 but I cannot see any EMH at night for it. Can you?

I’m seeing the same thing… But hoping the extend

They have not extended for HS my last few trips.

Do you think its safe to assume that MK will stay open till midnight at least on Saturdays through August? We have a later BOG res and I am hoping that its one of the highlights of the trip

Unless there is a special event I think 11:00 is safe?

Figuring the same. Thanks, great resources here. Shorter trip really trying to maximize the time

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I have gone on many 2 and 3 night trips. The good news is that short trips are over before total exhaustion kicks in!