EEH at HS and Fantasmic

We are planning our HS day for 10/25 when HS has EEH from 9-11 PM. The Disney calender is showing Fantasmic at 9:30 after park close. Is this a case of Disney not updating the calender yet? It is showing the same thing for 9/30, which is only 2 weeks away. Secondly, do you think RISE will be added to the open attractions list?

Fantasmic is often shown after park closing, so it’s likely to stay at that time unless they add a second showing, in which case the first showing will be earlier.

Rise was running during the EEH they held last December at DHS. That’s the only precedent we have. I think it will be added but don’t know for sure.

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We will be there the same night! I am wondering the same thing. I was only planning on night at DHS, but now leaning towards 2 since we want to see F! and the 9:30 showtime would basically use up all the EEH!


Agreed! We only have one night for HS and I still think this is the best day since there isn’t MNSSHP, so hopefully a lot of people will be at MK.

Thanks. I guess we will have to see waht happens on the first few.