Edit TP in Lines app?

Is it possible to manually change the order of TP steps in the Lines app?

How do you mark something as complete?

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Hi, it is possible to edit your order. Of you choose “evaluate” instead of “modify” you will be able to rearrange the order of the rides, then evaluate.

Once it is your park day, you also will have a blue box to check “done” or a trash can if you want to remove a ride.

Note: samsung users with new phones have some trouble with rearranging the order. If this is you, let me know and I can give more tips.

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I must be missing something-I can’t seem to edit my order of steps in Lines either (iPhone 11). Do you drag up or click somewhere?

Aaagh Figured it out by reading this more carefully. Hit Evaluate first, THEN reorder, then Evaluate again. That’s counterintuitive, it made more sense that I would click “Modify” to reorder.

I figured it out and then continue to forget because I agree that “modify” seems the way to go.