EDIT: Happy-Running for Charity for Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend!


I took too long to register; should have done it ASAP. Now all the races are completely full. I just wanted to do the 5k or 10k.

There goes the magical 30th birthday I had imagined! Do we know anyone at rundisney who wants to make a 30 year old kid happy?

EDIT: yay for liners helping make a 29 year old kid Happy! Anyone else planning on being there race weekend? I signed up for the 5k.

Sometimes you can contact a travel agency who will still have bibs even after they officially sell out! Check the list of travel agencies on the run Disney website!


You could also research running for charity. This will mean there will be a fundraising commitment from you, but perhaps you can find a cause you believe in strongly which would make it a win-win for you.

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This is fabulous, I had no idea! Thank you so very much!!!

I just registered under a charity that is not only one of our clients where I work (CPA firm specializing in nonprofits) but also near and dear to my heart. Now I get to not only run, but raise money too!!!

Time to change the title of my thread I think!

@BenF12400 time to start planning…



(I’m thinking on this avenue myself)