ECV viewing areas for Nighttime shows ? Please help

Wondering if the still have areas in hub roped off for HEA for ECV s . My husband is disabled and uses one so he can not stand for show. R the areas that used to be for wishes still available?? Any information would be helpful. I tried to get dessert party for this reason with no luck :pensive:

I believe you posted in your other thread that you’re going in November? If so, I don’t believe they’ve released those dates just yet. We’re going at the end of October and still haven’t been able to book yet. I’ve checked pretty religiously since the 180 day mark and still nothing. Keep trying.

Wow, I didn’t even know that was a thing! I will be traveling with my mom in an ECV and right now my plan is to watch it from the back because she can’t handle the huge crowds in the front. Yes, I am aware we will not get to see the projections, my mom has to come first though :slight_smile:
I do know that when I was looking for a spot for her not in direct sun for the afternoon parade the CM’s working the parade route directed me to a place for her that was roped off & I was able to sit on the ground right next to her. Perhaps they will do the same for night time shows?