ECV Rental

I am strongly considering an ECV rental for at least half of our upcoming trip in October due to heel pain. I made my TP’s prior to this decision, so I’m concerned about how feasible they are if I do. And I’m particularly curious about midday breaks. At this point, I think I would prefer to rent directly from each park, but when we leave for our midday break, we have to leave the scooter. Since I’ve paid for an entire day, will they hold it and charge the battery for me? I would hate to come back and not be able to get one!

Any other advice about creating or adjusting TP’s for using an ECV would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

My mom needed an ECV our last trip. We rented from an off site source. I did not want to be concerned about Disney not having one available when we needed it and the walk back to the buses or resort is sometimes the most painful after a long day of touring. We did not need to alter our TP in any way but I always set mine to a relaxed pace. The buses were easy with the ECV and we only had to wait once because the ECV spots were full. I rented from Apple and it was very simple with great customer service. I would only adjust your walk speed on your TP and see what happens. Sometimes we even got ahead of the TP because a few rides have an alternative ECV entrance (BTMR and Living with Land come to mind immediately–could have been others too). I have never rented directly from Disney so I can’t help with that. Maybe another liner will come along and offer some suggestions for the Disney rentals.

I’m curious about this as well. We will be traveling with my mother-in-law in November, and she may want to rent an ECV, however, the idea renting ahead of time and having to ride in the busing system does not appeal to her. So renting at the parks in the only option she would be up for.

Any tips/hints for ECV usage would be appreciated.

My wife does not need a scooter at the resort, but does for a full day of park touring, so we rent at the parks. You only have to pay once a day. If you leave a park and come back later, show them your receipt, and they will give you a fresh cart. If you hop to a different park, the same thing. If they run out of battery during touring they will bring you a new one - although this can be a SLOW process.

I found no real need to adjust any TPs.

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