ECV rental delivery and tipping

Hi everyone,

I will be renting an ECV and having it delivered to my hotel. I would expect to tip the driver something. How much of a tip should it be.

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I never even though of tipping them before. :scream:

I rented from scooterbug for my parents, drop off is scheduled before we arrive at the front desk, and they’re picking up the scooter from the front desk after we leave.

That said, if I was having contact with the person delivering/picking up the scooter I’d tip them according to the effort they exert to get the scooter in and out of the transport vehicle. If it’s a smooth and easy transition I’d tip them like I would a pizza driver, if they have to work a lot harder to get it in and out of the vehicle I’d tip them more like I would tip them more.

I’ve never been present for the delivery or pick up of the EVC so I’ve never tipped.

I stayed away from Sooterbug, even through they are the only ones that Disney is now working with. Bad reviews and my friend who went in August got a ECV from them for her daughter. The ECV was not charged fully. Daughter had a tumor on her hip removed and a bone graft in her leg. It was one aggravation she did not need.

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