ECV questions

So having stumbled across the idea in this forum, I’m seriously wondering about renting an ECV for DD22. She has a heart/circulatory condition, and -while some walking is very good for her-- five to ten miles in the Florida heat would be really stressful. Right now she is thinking she will just go back to her room when she gets too tired.

My questions are:

  1. She looks perfectly fine on the outside, would people be judgemental? And vocal about it? She was in a wheelchair for a few months when she was 18, and occasionally would get ‘a comment’. She coped, but it really bothered me.

  2. My thought is that she could use the ECV for long stretches, and then park it and walk while touring an area. Would there be places where it could be parked?

  3. Would it be safe to park an ECV while touring on foot for awhile? I’m presuming they have a key or something to keep them from just being driven off? What have others done?

  4. How does the bus transport handle an ECV if she wants to go out on her own? (I’m looking at a model that disassembles and goes into the car easily, but it would be ideal if she could have that additional flexibility.)

  1. DW needs a scooter for a full day of touring due to back and hip issues. People may be “judgmental”, but if they are, I haven’t heard any comments.

  2. DW will do this sometimes; especially in and around any shops. You see ECVs parked all over the place.

  3. I’d have little concern for the “safety” of the ECV, but probably wouldn’t leave anything valuable on one if I was going away from it.

  4. No problem. The driver will make sure that she is safely loaded and unloaded.

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#1 should not be a problem.

#2 yes you can park them places just like strollers.

#3 they have keys but I would not leave valuables in the ECV.

#4 all Disney buses can handle 2 or more ECVs

I’m not 100% on this but people with ECVs and wheelchair get priority on boarding the buses and also members of their party. has ECV that are $25 a day and if you use this code FB10-17 you could save 10% if you rent one for 3 or more days.