ECV help

So I am well versed in WDW, but am going with a friend on my next trip who has mobility issues. She cannot stand in line or walk far so will be using an ECV. I have read as much as I can about using an ECV at WDW, but had a few clarification questions for those who have experience:

  1. We are staying off-site. I will be driving us to/from WDW every day, but my car is too small to fit an ECV. Can I drop her off next to a park entrance to rent an ECV for the day? How would that work if we wanted to hop parks?

  2. Since she cannot stand in line, do we sign up for DAS or do we just go to the ride and ask where people with ECVs go?

  3. Is it easy to use FPP with ECVs?

I can’t answer your first question.

You can’t have DAS for mobility issues. Most lines are ECV accessible. Ones that aren’t, you usually have to transfer to a wheelchair. I remember doing that on Space, RnRC and TOT but there may have been others. I believe on BTMRR they take you down the exit.

There’s no difference using FPs.

Question #1 I have not used a ECV and stayed of site so I don’t know about the drop off and pick up. If you rent from MK and want to go to an other park you let them know when you rent and they will mark your recite. This way you can go to another park and just pick up a new one.
Question #2 most will tell you that DAS is NOT for mobility issues but my last trip I was told by the CM that was helping me with booking issues that I should go and ask for one. I had to go to GS anyway to pick up a gift card. While there I asked and I was given one to my surprise. I did not use it in MK because of my skills with fast passes and did not need it in epcot either but HS I could not get a fast pass for TSM, so I used it for that. When going on TSM I asked for the accessible car and there was no one waiting for it so they got us on right away and we were able to ride 2 times in a row with not having to get off (I guess they were board). That experience was one of the highlights to our trip we loved it so much we went back later and road it again 2 times again.
The DAS pass was great to use I did not know there is no window on your return time. You sign up for a ride and are told what time to come back and you have no time that it expires meaning if the say come back at 1pm you have from 1pm till the park closes to use it.
Question #3 YES
I recommend getting a handicapped accessible map when you enter the park they are with the park maps but they have the little wheelchair symbol on them. They will let you know where entrances are and if you need to transfer.
I also recommend watching Pammie Plus parks on You Tube. She does videos on accessibility of all Disney rides that is how I learned about the car for TSM.

If you have any other questions about accessibility and ECVs in Disney just ask happy to help.