ECV changes

Hello! Our last Disney trip was July 2018. We took my parents for their first trip. My dad requires an ECV, so we rented one from Buena Vista without any issues. We are returning this July. Does anyone know the latest information on ECV rentals? I thought I remembered reading that the process was changing. Do they only have one preferred vendor now?

I rent from Scooter Vacations. The change was that they have to deliver them to you, you just can not pick them up at the hotels your self.

Thank you. So that is the change? You have to meet all other providers at the resort? ScooterBug is the only one that can drop off? I guess it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to be present for the delivery, but I’ll take a look at ScooterBug’s reviews.

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I like scooter vacation their ECVs go along time between charges. I forgot to charge mine one night so mine went 2 days.