ECV & Attraction Lines

We are visiting WDW soon and my sister-in-law was considering renting an ECV as she has trouble walking long distances in the heat. She seems to think that she (and the rest of us in our group) will not have to wait in line due to her ECV use. From what I read, that doesn’t seem to be the case but I’ve also gotten some conflicting information. I know if she gets a DAS card, she can come back and ride at a specific time later so there’s no standing in line. But I’m wondering about the ECV specifically. Does anyone have any personal experience with the queue procedures using an ECV?

Most Queues are EVC friendly. Those that are not will have a sign directing you to an alternate entrance,
usually the exit. In either case,a CM will ask if you can transfer, meaning move from you chair to the ride
vehicle, which it sounds like your SIL can. Going in the alternate(wheelchair) entrance, may
get you a shorter wait but that depends on the CM.

In general, you can not get a DAS for “can’t stand for long wait times” if you have an EVC or wheelchair.
If you get a DAS, it does not save you any time, it just allows you to wait/do other things rather then be in line.

This is all from observations and talking with other guest, not personal experience.

We have personal experience and it’s basically as @stuckinbmode says. You can’t get DAS for mobility issues, but even if you could it doesn’t mean no wait. When you come back (as I understand it, since we didn’t have one) you go in the FP line, which may be a walk on but may be 20 minutes.

ECVs can go in most queues, or you may be directed down the exit, or FP line, or asked to transfer to a wheelchair. It can mean a longer wait in actual fact. For instance, on TSMM you have to wait for the accessible car to come round.

You will have to wait in line with your party and the ECV. No special treatment whatsoever. If the queue doesn’t fit ECVs and wheelchairs you will be taken to an alternate entrance (sometimes the exit). It’s been a very long time but I remember being taken through a back door on HM, KS to name only two.

Yes, that is what I suspected. Thank you for the information.

I agree with what everyone said. The ECVs went in the regular queues on most rides. Some of the older rides don’t have the maneuvering room for the ECVs, so they either put you in a wheelchair or they will take you around to a different entrance. Most of the lines were hard for me to maneuver around, and I’d have to back up to make the tight turns. You still get some special treatment when you get up to the rides, though. We often got our own row on some rides like the Great Movie Ride. Also, they will stop the conveyor for you on those rides that constantly move such as the Little Mermaid ride, Haunted Mansion, etc.

Story: While we were at MK, we went to Pirates of the Caribbean at night. Both of us were in ECVs. Unfortunately, they were short of people to push us in wheelchairs so I sacrificed and had our daughter push my husband while I waited outside. While they were doing that, a manager came and apologized and gave us 6 anytime FastPasses. It was pretty cool. My daughter used them them on all those rides she wanted to go on. I never made it back to Pirates, though. :frowning:

Thank you @SirGreggory for the information from your personal experience. Very helpful.

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