ECV and Charging Them

We are renting ECVs for the week we will be at Disney. We are also renting an extra battery pack for each. However, I am a bit concerned about running out of power in the park. I called Disney, and the person I talked to said that there are places to charge the ECVs, but she couldn’t actually give me locations or information about these places.

  • Are there plenty of places to charge the ECVs?
  • We are renting the Lite Rider because we plan on using our own vehicle. The battery time is significantly shorter than the others. If you’ve used this type, were you able to keep it charged well enough to make it through a whole day?
  • If you’ve used the extra battery packs, did you just leave them in the car?
  • Do you have any tips or information we should know?

We had a portable ecv, though I don’t know specifically what type. We took midday breaks most days and always recharged back in the room, but a couple of days we didn’t and we had no issue with the battery running out. Because of that, I have no idea where charging points are!

Thanks for the feedback. :smile_cat:

We rented an ecv from walker mobility. It held the charge all day we just charged it every night. The battery for that companies ecv was VERY heavy!!! I do remember that I saw people using down time at lunchtime/dinner to charge their ecv. You will be amazed at the amount of people that have them in the parks! I never dreamed it would be do many. Because of this cast members are very helpful. It will work out fine. We we very concerned the first time too😊

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Last year after having a close call with my mom’s ECV I went on the Chat feature using the Lines app. In less than an hour I had a list of locations to charge it in all 4 parks - it was a life saver!
My suggestion is to go on there and ask a few days before your trip. I screen shot the answers so I had them right at my fingertips the entire trip. It also made my mom feel more at ease.