Eco Friendly WDW Souvenirs

Our family is trying to make a big effort to make changes to be more enviro & animal friendly at home and have been wondering what souvenirs (if any) are in the parks that fit that?

We are noticing Disney has been putting out some organic cotton t-shirts in their Disney Stores. Are there any at the parks?

The only thing that come sot the top of my mind is the Harvey’s recycled seatbelt purses.

I think that’s wonderful! For a while, there was a line of bags that were made from misprinted candy wrappers. I’ll have to do some research when I get back into town to see if they still have something like that. Over at the Polynesian, there were some jewelry offerings made from sustainable materials like bamboo and coconut. Probably the neatest one that i know is still around is at the Bead Outpost in Epcot, many of the beads there are made from recycled Disney maps. With that exception, if you’re looking for eco-friendly merchandise, Animal Kingdom usually gets the bulk of it before it shows up elsewhere (if it does at all).

Oh, and a word on the Harvey’s seatbelt purses – although they are awesome, they are not recycled materials, with the exception of their Treecycle line. Everything else is made from new and not reclaimed or recycled materials.

Out of curiosity, would this be something that you’d like to see a blog post about on I’m always up for a research trip that involves window shopping!!


The bead outpost in Epcot is awesome. I read somewhere that they send the old maps, etc to other countries (Africa maybe) and women there make the beads and jewelry. It also provides them needed income.
You can make a donation at the AK gift shops for conservation in exchange for a conservation pin/badge type thing.

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Thanks SO much @mascardofamily for your feedback. I am hoping Disney will start getting more and more… I would LOVE to see a blog post on this!

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Sorry about the delay, but here’s the article. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

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Thank you @mascardofamily! I had to chuckle at the elephant poo paper…I have seen that sold at our local zoo for many years, I have never bought it though.

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This is a great article and an awesome find!!! Can’t wAit to visit here on my next trip!