Eclipse in Magic Kingdom

We are here!!! Yay! But I just realized we are going to be trying to watch the parade during the Eclipse in MK. My husband wants to skip the parade because he is worried about my kids. What should we do? I was the only day to be in MK during the parade.

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Orlando is pretty far away from the path of totality. What is your concern?

How old are the kids and how many? If they are old enough, can you explain to them not to look at the sun? There are some good tips on this page:

At the eclipse in the 70s, many parents but paper bags over their young children’s heads. LOL, I don’t think you can do that and enjoy the parade.

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They are getting a partial eclipse down in Orlando. That’s the most dangerous time to look at the sun because it won’t cause pain to your eyes.

ahhhh I was thinking more about crowd concerns or concerns about the parade being disrupted by the effects of an eclipse. I’m relatively close to the path of totality so that’s what tall the concern is around my area.

It will be interesting to see if Disney passes out or has eclipse glasses available.

I agree, that would be neat if Disney did that. However, really young children aren’t known for their compliance with keeping glasses on or understanding what they are for…

Parade will be on as scheduled per Disney site. Will not get dark as not full eclipse. Will be dim similar to a cloudy day from what I am told.

Eclipse is no more dangerous than any normal day. You wouldn’t stare at sun on a regular day and should not during eclipse either. No risks. Go and have fun. Send hubby to hotel if he is worried.


Maybe situate yourself so that your backs are to the sun or find a shaded area to view the parade? That way the kids are not able to look even if they want to.

worried about what? That they will look at the sun? Don’t make a big deal out of it and they should be fine.

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We ended up staying. It was so cloudy. It was a great day!