Eating outside of the parks

What are the best lunch spots not in a park?

For MK, the monorail loop is easiest and has a number of good choices depending on if you want QS or TS. For QS, Captain Cook’s at the Poly probably gets the highest marks - lots of TS choices.

Epcot, you’ve got the entire Boardwalk area just outside International Gateway - again lots of both QS/TS choices depending. HS I’d probably say the same - take the boat or walk to the Boardwalk.

AK - nothing is a simple commute/walk but Animal Kingdom Lodge is a short bus ride which offers Boma/Jiko/Sanaa for TS and The Mara has good QS (Zebra Domes!).

And of course Disney Springs has a bunch of choices if you’re just looking to get away from the parks and not just looking for a quick break while staying park adjacent…