Eating at Citywalk during our Disney Trip

My friend and I are staying on property at WDW in July. We have 4 nights. I’ve been to WDW many times but never to Universal. My friend has been to WDW once or twice, many years ago. I pretty much want to stay at WDW because we don’t have a lot of time and we want to experience as much as we can. But I saw that there is a Bob Marley restaurant at City Walk. My friend would LOVE to go if we can make it work. So my question is, how much time should I allow, what will traffic be like at night going to and from CW & WDW?
We also want to do MK, AK, and Boardwalk at night…just trying to figure out how to cram it all in. Or would it be better to skip city walk all together and find a cool night spot at Disney Springs?

Also I am not sure which forum this fits best in…mods feel free to move if there is a better place for this.

You’re trying to do a lot in 4 nights! :wink:

Personally, once I’m in the bubble I prefer to stay in the bubble. If you choose to do the Bob Marley thing at City Walk, I think you should plan for that to be most of an evening, perhaps stopping at DS on the way back for a little hopping. But I think you’re going to have to sacrifice something to do it.

With such a short trip I would stay at WDW. Citywalk is great if you are visiting Universal but I would not make a special trip.

I agree, you just don’t really have the time to make a side trip. And the restaurant has pretty bad reviews.

Ok. That’s kind of what I was thinking. I like it in the bubble anyway.

Thank you!

There are so many really good restaurants in DS now I personally would not go through the hassle of going to City Walk. And DS is MUCH bigger with many other things to look at as well.