Eating alone (Sad face)

Sometimes I can’t get anyone to go to WDW with me, so I go anyway. What I found is that you can’t book a lot of dining reservations for one. If I book a table for two and show up alone what happens? Should I have a moral crisis and check my moral compass before doing it?

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It is fine if you book a table for two and you show up alone. There is no fee. You’re in Disney- enjoy yourself!


I travel solo quite a bit as well. Most times I will book for 2 then periodically try to modify it to 1. So far every time modifying to 1 has worked, maybe just not right away.


Whether you’re one or two, you’ll take up the same table space. Don’t worry about it.


I’ve never had a problem? What places give you difficulty (outside of the Chef Table experiences)?

Most of my trips are solo and I always make reservations for 2. The one exception is BG; because of the communal tables, booking for 2 when I know there will only be one, is potentially robbing someone else of a seat.On a few occasions I have met fellow solo travelers and have offered them the “extra” seat if they cared to join me.

A few last time I went. Define Ohana. A few others.

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Solo here and LOVE it! No one else’s schedule and/or whining to deal with.

‘Ohana is a known issue - it doesn’t like solos (and sometimes odd numbered parties). Always book for 2, never had a problem there as it is a known issue. Others even if I booked for 2, I go in and modify it to 1 - ‘Ohana is the only one that never lets me modify it. But unless you are at Beaches & Cream where they might put you at the counter (which is fun!), you will be at a 2-Top (at least) anyway, so NBD if you don’t modify.

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I’m not the only one! It’s weird going alone, but much better than not going at all!

First off, solo travelling at WDW is the best thing ever. I can’t imagine not going solo. Other people are just irritating.

I look at what time slots are available for a table for one and a table for two. I choose the time that’s most attractive. If I’ve booked a table for two I then change the reservation in MDE. It always lets me trade down to one person but keep the same time slot.

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Interesting, I wasn’t aware of that. Good to know.

Eh, It’s only weird during certain times. Dining and “group activities” are at the top of the list, I will grant you. But for Parades, Fireworks, and scheduling, going solo cannot be beat.

Fixed. If I’m GOING with someone, they had better not be irritating. Otherwise that’s a whole other issue that needs solved.

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Sometimes it seems like they just can’t help themselves though!

I can think of one person in the world — OK, maybe two — who I’d be willing to tour with. I’m a huge control freak and I flirt with being massively selfish, so it would need to be someone willing to put up with that. Such a quality is rare, I’ve found.

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:astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished: whaaaaaaaaaaaat? you?! NO! NEVER! :stuck_out_tongue:

(right, so my point is: why go with them if they’re going to irritate you.)

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Which is why I’ve been very happy to travel alone since Day 2 of my first trip!

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Happily, when I do travel with others most of my Disney going friends like to stand around waiting for someone to make decisions. So I make decisions. Works wellif only traveling with one or two at a time. Groups of more than four though, they turn into a herd of cats and I keep losing them and wandering around trying to find them.

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To clarify, I have never had a problem with service at 'Ohana being solo.

The issue I referred to is in the booking. The booking system has a glitch that does not look for solo tables - and sometimes odd-numbered parties.


Explains why I couldn’t get it when I tried in December. :slight_smile:

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