Eat to the Beat concert times- any one less crowded than the others?

I’m looking to catch Hanson on our trip this fall and am wondering if any of the 3 show times are less crowded than the others. I’m also wondering if Halloween will make it more or less crowded. We will be at Epcot on 10/29 and 10/31and could attend the show on either date. I have heard that Hanson is one of the groups that tends to draw more people, so I’m just curious if anyone has any insight as I get my touring plans set up.

Wish I could be more help but all I remember is that I got a dining package so we were guaranteed seats at the concert we wanted to attend. I think I had a choice of which concert time we wanted.

Thank you for your feedback. I didn’t even know they offered a dining package for Eat to the Beat! (I’m still a newbie to this Disney planning stuff!) I’ll plan to look into that.

I went to the Hanson shows a couple years ago and every single show time had a line. We saw all three show times in one day (what can I say I LOVE Hanson and they put on a fantastic show!). We went about an hour early to the first one and then got right back in line after every show. I’m not sure that answers your question, but hope it helps!


I saw Hanson many years ago now, but there were definitely lines of “fans” out for all of the shows. While I once upon a time wore out my Hanson tape, I’m not enough of a fan to stand out in the heat anymore! We watched from outside of the theater and I felt it was perfectly adequate for the amount of time I was willing to devote to the cause!

Then a lady came up to us and asked if they had planed MMMBop (em em em bop) yet…