Eat at Sanaa on our AK day?

Hello! We are thinking about AK on Friday 7/14/17. Originally, this was going to be our 2nd (short) day at Epcot and I currently have a dinner reservation at 8:10 at Sanaa. Looking at the crowd calendar, I’m thinking about swapping our Epcot and AK day. Should I still keep my 8:10 at Sanaa? Is it worth is to leave the park if this is our only day at AK? Would it be better to get an earlier reservation or possible lunch? How long will we be out of the park?

Thanks in advance for all the great help!

Farra Ringer

I had that dilemma; only one day at AK. I decided to do all restaurants inside the park. It worked out well since you save a lot of time not having to leave the park. I don’t know what the normal time that TS meals take. All of ours were 2+ hours due to my husband’s extremely complicated dietary restrictions, so I’m no help there. I chose Tusker House for both breakfast and lunch and Tffins ROL package for dinner. I was very happy with our choices. TH is a buffet, so those are typically faster to finish up. I heard Yak & Yeti were good, but my DH wasn’t interested.

Thanks! I had my heart set on Sanaa after reading about it. I’m just not sure if its worth sacrificing time at the park. Also wondering if it would be better earlier or for lunch.

Why not try for lunch? That way you can see AK, and Pandora, at night, plus ROL if you want. Plus you get out of the sun for a while to refresh midday.

Depends on your plan I guess. Is there a break somewhere or can you rearrange it fairly easily?

Yeah, I think we can arrange it to leave for lunch. I’m also thinking about the ROL dining package at Tuskers for dinner. How long should I allow in my plan for the Sanaa lunch?

Are you driving or using WDW transportation?

We are using WDW Transportation

That will be longer. They say to allow 1.5 hours to travel to your destination when traveling within WDW property. That does sound about right, really. Then maybe 90 minutes to order and eat? May take less.

Lunch is always a better option at Sanaa because you can see the animals. Especially if you want to stay for the PM activities at AK, a nice lunch break would be good. I would plan on 2 hours (2.5 if you want a bit of extra “animal” time) from the time you walk out of the AKL gate until the time you walk back in. The bus ride itself is only about 5 minutes, but you have to walk to the bus stop, wait for the bus, ride the bus, then walk from the bus stop to Sanaa. Eat. Then reverse the process.